Hugh E. McLoone

Birth Date: 
Oct 5, 1935
Date of death: 
Sep 3, 2021

Hugh E. McLoone passed away peacefully on Sept. 3, 2021.

Born in Brooklyn, NY on Oct. 5, 1935 to Hugh and Elizabeth McLoone, he attended St. John’s University. Post-graduation, he was active in their alumni association, receiving the Pietas Medal (1995).

Hugh served in the U. S. Navy aboard the USS Ticonderoga CVA14, earning a Naval Commendation Medal, and in the Naval Reserves until his retirement as Captain in 1990. Until recently, he was on the faculty of the U.S. Naval War College in Newport, RI, and active with the Naval War College Foundation. Hugh earned an MBA from Golden Gate University, San Francisco, pursuing a career as a Certified Public Accountant. A lifelong learner, Hugh enjoyed reading, art, music, wine tasting, and martial arts, earning a black belt in Aikido. Hugh is survived by his three sons and their families: Hugh Jr. and Mary, Matthew, and Paul and Susan; and four grandchildren: Sean, Rose, Jack and Claire. He has a brother, Dennis and his wife Mary, in Staten Island, NY. He’s also loved by his nephew John-Paul and niece Jordana in Sydney, Australia, with his brother Jack deceased) and his wife Carol. While born and raised on the East coast, Hugh loved the Bay Area, residing in Alameda, for over 40 years.