J. Logan Padre

Jonathan “Logan” Padre, 19, passed away peacefully on May 9, 2019. Logan was born on March 1, 2000, in San Francisco. He is survived by his mother and father, Jade and Rudy Padre, Jr.; his younger brother, Dominic; Lola Pury Salamanca; Grandpa Rudy Padre, Sr.; Aunt Rosemarie and Uncle James Brooks and numerous Godparents and cousins. Logan was preceded in death by Lolo Jose Salamanca, Grandma Sally Padre, Aunt Rosalyn Padre and Uncle Joel Salamanca. 

Logan lived in Newark, Calif., through April 2016, where he attended Bunker Elementary, Newark Junior High and Newark High School. Upon moving to Alameda in May 2016, he attended Alameda High School, where he proudly led the procession across the stage and graduated in June 2018. He proceeded to spend his 2018-2019 school year attending the adult transition-continuing education program in Alameda, while working a part-time position at Walgreen’s. 

Logan’s village of support not only included his parents, but the myriad of agencies, therapists and case managers, classroom instructors and caregivers. The Newark and Alameda School District special education department instructors, speech therapists, adaptive physical education activity coaches and instructional aides provided daily encouragement and promoted Logan’s self-confidence and independence. Logan loved his school experience. 

Special thanks to all his home caregivers through the years for all their loving care and companionship they provided: Pricilla, Annie, Rosemary, Joanne, Amanda, Stephanie, Ari, Nick, Leah, Angelica, Elizabeth, Dren, Bob and Lilian; and the Tomas, Becerra, Maniling and Rodrigues families. 

He looked forward to summer destination visits with his family around the United States and Canada and always enjoyed his time visiting grandparents in San Francisco and Ventura County, Calif., during winter and spring breaks. He was a seasoned traveler, passing through Seattle, Wash.; Victoria, Vancouver, Whistler and Winnipeg-Manitoba in Canada; Washington D.C., Orlando, Fla., Las Vegas and Hawaii family favorites: Oahu, Maui and the Big Island, with Mom, Dad and Dominic in tow. 

For anyone who’s ever met Logan, even just once, he is known to have that dynamic energy that absolutely brightens any room he enters. And with his handsome smile, he prompted a genuinely returned smile from anyone he’d see, whether stranger, friend or family. Rest in peace, dear Logan. We will miss you.

A memorial mass in Logan’s honor took place June 17 at St. Joseph Basilica.