Lloyd Randall ‘Randy’ Lantz

Lloyd Randall “Randy” Lantz, 71, passed away peacefully on Dec. 29, 2018, after a brief illness, with his family at his side.

Randy was a native of Alameda and graduated from Alameda High School. Volunteering for military service, he joined the U.S. Army and was deployed to Vietnam. 

He spent the following 25 years with the University of California Police Department as an officer and explosive ordinance disposal technician, working across the state of California. After medical retirement, Randy worked for 10 years at Lockheed Martin as a cyber-security specialist. He dedicated his last years to providing instruction to the community in wilderness first aid, CPR, personal safety and basic first aid skills.

Randy was heavily involved in Alameda Scouting, as Scoutmaster for Troop 11 and Crew 11 and an active member of the Council Board. Additionally, he was a member of the Alameda Rotary Club and the Alameda Elks Lodge.  

A man of incredible talent, empathy and extraordinary luck, Randy was devoted to trying to help others. His respect for life drove him to protect and serve his community selflessly. 

Gregarious and with a keen sense of humor, he loved nothing more than meeting new and old friends. His greatest quality was a hearty laughter that, when properly induced, would crescendo and prove infectious to others.

Though his passing is sad, the world was made so much better by the light that was his life. 


Editor’s note: Staff at the Alameda Sun worked with Randy for several years promoting his business, Cool Safety, which provided instruction in first aid, CPR and personal safety. Randy’s email signature spoke volumes about his dedication to keeping the public and first responders safe.

It included the following credentials and associations: Emergency Care and Safety Institute; HeartSine AED Distributors; Search & Rescue Instructor; Special Operations Medical Association; National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians; MAG Use of Force Instructor; Law Enforcement and Civilian Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle and Tactical Instructor; Utah, Florida, Arizona, California CCW Instructor; Master Firearms Instructor, International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors; CCW California, Utah, Florida, Arizona Chief Range Safety Officer; Glock Certified Armorer; Department of Justice Instructor; National Tactical Officers Association.