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nd’s city attorney sued Alameda over plans to redevelop Alameda Point. In the suit, his office claimed Alameda’s analysis of the proposed development’s impacts failed to adequately study and propose solutions for the traffic it would pump into Oakland’s Chinatown neighborhood.
Today that one-time city attorney, John Russo, is spearheading efforts to redevelop the Point as Alameda’s city manager. And as Alameda finalizes a new study of the development’s potential impacts, he is facing some of the same charges he lodged in his 2003 suit.

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Finance disclosures filed on Monday, Oct. 6, by the five candidates for mayor and City Council showed that City Council candidate Jim Oddie and Mayor Marie Gilmore were leading the money chase with $34,294.31 and $28,195.25 raised for their respective campaign coffers.

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Alameda Sun co-publisher Dennis Evanosky contributed to this story.