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One of the two boats has sunk near the High Street Bridge

Local, regional and state agencies conducted a multi-million-dollar effort last year to clear the Alameda/Oakland Estuary of sunken vessels that were determined to cause a navigational hazard and they chased away “anchor outs” illegally perched in the channel. 

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The Lincoln Middle School Marching Band recently accepted the first-place award for its performance in this year’s Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco.  Students and parents from the band and music director Tyra Ingram-Cable expressed their excitement at winning the award before a packed house of more than 500 guests that included parade organizers and participants along with Miss Chinatown and her court of attendants.  

In 1994, a group of Alameda homeowners’ associations formed an umbrella organization to address issues at the Oakland International Airport.  In 2001 this organization, called the “Citizens League For Airport Safety & Serenity” (CLASS), played a significant role in forcing the Port of Oakland, which operates the airport, to agree to improve airport security checkpoints, add gates to two terminals at the airport and improve parking there. 

In honor of former Encinal High School (EHS) Principal Frank Hanna’s passing, (see Local Deaths below) the Alameda Sun has chosen to retell the story of how a former Navy jet came to be posted in front of the school during his tenure.

In May 1984 a crowd gathered in front of EHS to celebrate the arrival of an A-4 Skyhawk jet. They looked on as workers backed the jet onto the lawn in front of the school. The aircraft had served the Marine Corps in Vietnam and in 1974 fell victim to a fire while in midair over San Francisco Bay.

Artemis Racing, which represents the Royal Swedish Yacht Club and was the 34th America’s Cup "Challenger of Record," has been a tenant at Alameda Point since May 2012. The venue for the 35th America’s Cup remains undetermined, but Artemis Racing will remain at Alameda Point and continue using Building 12 and Seaplane Lagoon as its training facility and operations base.

If it is ultimately decided that the 35th America’s Cup will be held on San Francisco Bay, Artemis will likely remain at Alameda Point through the end of that event, which is estimated to be held in 2017.