Alameda News

Alameda Point Partners has pledged to build a 100,000- to 150,000-square foot open-air lifestyle shopping center with unique stores and galleries of retail space centered on Seaplane Lagoon at Alameda Point.

The partnership includes Oakland-based SRM Ernst Development Partners, Thompson Dorfman out of Mill Valley and Madison Marquette with West Coast offices in San Francisco and San Diego.

Allied Engineering: yet another factory closing in town

All along the northern shoreline of Alameda, things are changing rapidly. Some of the last surviving industrial employers that have operated in Alameda for decades are shuttering and in many cases, becoming residential properties.

What does the city of Alameda have in common with the cities of Alhambra, Gardena, Huntington Park, Long Beach, Monterey, and Moreno Valley other than they are located in California?

These six cities and 126 others are involved in the selfsame lawsuit.

Joseph Karr’s mug shot show the self-inflicted wounds on his neck.

An Emeryville man is in a county jail in Texas for allegedly fatally stabbing his Alameda-resident girlfriend in Austin, Tex. Saturday, Nov. 1.

Alamedans wanting information from the city’s websites last week got a surprise.

"Error 404 Hacked by D@ark Sh@dow," they read on an otherwise blank page when they logged on. Library staff warned patrons not to log on to the library site because their computers might catch whatever bug the city’s web platform had contracted. The breach even affected the police department.