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Harbor seals rest at Alameda Point haul-out where the Water Emergency Transportation Authority is planning to build a ferry facility.

Construction of the Water Emergency Transportation Authority’s (WETA) Central Bay Operations and Maintenance Facility at Alameda Point has been delayed another year. Originally scheduled to begin last August on West Hornet Avenue near Ferry Point, the project is on hold while WETA seeks a federal permit that allows for harassment of harbor seals during demolition and construction.

The Alamedan

On Tuesday, Sept. 16, the City Council voted to abandon plans to create a city-sponsored rents task force, opting instead to allow a local attorney to lead a community-based process to explore concerns about rising rents. The council voted 3-2 to move forward with the community-based process; the community group is to report its findings to the Council on Dec. 2.

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Nea Community Learning Center’s facilitator Mariah Mills looks on as her first-graders give Alameda Police Department Officer Jerrod Suth their rapt attention. The students learned the workings of APD as part of a field trip that launched their community helper project. They rode the AC Transit bus from school last Friday to visit City Hall, the Main Library and the police station.

Alameda Municipal Power’s General Manager Glenn Steiger will be the guest speaker at the Kiwanis Club of Alameda meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 24, at noon at the Elks Lodge, 2255 Santa Clara Ave. The topic will be, "AMP: What’s Next?"

"Your local green utility, AMP, will be embarking on some exciting new initiatives over the next few years," said Steiger. "While they will continue our progress toward a greener Alameda, some will also transition us to a new level of customer-focused technology."

The Alameda County District Attorney has charged Calvin Earl Odom of Berkeley, 25, in connection with the murder of Vittorio Jackson, 37. Odom is currently serving a seven-year sentence in a Southern California federal prison.

In January he and his accomplice Craig Goatley pleaded guilty to the Aug. 3, 2013, robbery of the Citibank branch at 1526 Webster St. ("Duo Pleads Guilty to Alameda Bank Heist, Jan. 16). The pair left the bank with $8,869. Goatley received a six-and-one-half-year sentence.