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What do the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Parthenon and the city’s "Guide to Residential Design" have in common? They all contain the Golden Mean: A proportion — .618 to 1 — that people throughout the ages have considered aesthetically pleasing.

There is a difference, however. The Great Pyramid and the Parthenon have the Golden Mean set in stone. The city’s "Guide to Residential Design" has given its Golden Mean flexibility, something that architect Dick Rutter has a problem with.

The Navy has spent more than 15 years cleaning up contaminated groundwater underneath two former gas station sites at Alameda Point. They are still at it, but it’s not because the Navy is slow or lacking in commitment and expertise. It’s the nature of groundwater cleanup, which involves intermittent treatment efforts.

The city invites residents to participate in the planning process focused on making Central Avenue safer for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists.

The city is currently studying ways of making the intersections of Central Avenue and Main Street at Pacific Avenue and at Sherman Street at Encinal Avenue safer, especially for students from Encinal High School and Paden Elementary Schools, both located on Central

Alameda Sun readers have the opportunity to help bring a life-size bronze sculpture of Amelia Earhart to the elementary school on Bay Farm Island that bears the legendary pilot’s name.

The Davis Family Foundation granted the Frank Bette Center for the Arts a $32,000 gift to commission the statue.

The sculpture, created by Jane DeDecker, is complete and ready for installation. The school needs additional funds to meet the requirements for a safe installation on its campus.

Container ship struck whale, dragged carcass into estuary

Employees of the Mariner Square Drystack and Marina at the foot of Mariner Square Drive had a surprise waiting for them when they arrived at work last Thursday. The discovered the carcass of a whale bobbing at the foot of the company’s dock.

According to the Coast Guard, a container ship with business just across the Oakland Estuary at the Port of Oakland struck the whale on the open ocean and dragged its carcass through the Golden Gate and into the Oakland Estuary on Monday, Aug. 24.