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The city’s creation of the Cross Alameda Trail has roots that stretch back some 13 years. In 2001 a group of interested Alamedan formed a steering committee to guide the concept from idea to fruition. Committee members included: Debra Arbuckle, Liz Bogan, Lucy Gigli, John Knox-White, Helena Lengel, Audrey Lord-Hausman, Melanie Mintz, Jon Spangler, Jean Sweeney and Bart Thurber.

photo by Dennis Evanosky

Alameda Fire Department’s Truck One passes by the empty dirt pathway along Ralph Appezzato Memorial Parkway that will become the Cross-Alameda Trail if plans go forward.

The city’s Public Works Department is hosting a community meeting to discuss the proposed Cross Alameda Trail project on Ralph Appezzato Memorial Parkway. The meeting will take place at 6:30 p.m., Monday, July 28, at City Hall West 950 West Mall Square.

On Nov. 6, 2012, voters narrowly defeated Alameda County’s Measure B-1, a sales-tax measure that would have filled county coffers with $7.8 billion. Had the measure passed the county would have had all that money to fund its transportation projects. The measure would have doubled the transportation sales tax paid in the county from one-half cent to one full cent, forever.

City hall recognizes tireless efforts of once vice-mayor, perennial volunteer 

The city of Alameda teamed up with the Arnerich family to surprise the family patriarch, Lil Arnerich, at the July 1 City Council meeting. His children, grandchildren and great grandchildren turned out to witness Mayor Marie Gilmore read a proclamation that declared the week of June 29 to July 5 “Lil Arnerich Week.” Lil’s wife, Norma, expressed her delight that she was able to get Lil to the council chambers without his knowing about the proclamation. She stood by his side at the dais as Gilmore read the city’s decree.

Plans could enrich city coffers with millions of dollars

City staff has focused on facilitating near-term construction at Alameda Point, especially in light of the strong regional economy and favorable market conditions. Many of the existing leases at Alameda Point are the result of favorable responses by city staff to inquiries from interested businesses and developers. “These start to make the community’s vision for Alameda Point a reality,” said City Manager John Russo.