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Members of the Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) school board are in the process of selecting someone to fill the seat vacated by Mayor Trish Spencer. Last week the board selected the 10 candidates they will invite to take the next step.

At a special Jan. 22 meeting at Island High School, board members listened to public comments and heard personal statements from the 19 applicants for the seat. The board then chose 10 of 19 candidates to return for a second round of questioning next Tuesday.

Business as usual at the corner of St. Charles Street and Lincoln Avenue will never quite be the same again as after 65 years at the location, Pagano’s Hardware Store will be moving. Alamedans have enjoyed Pagano’s labrynthine aisles, hidden nooks and charming staff since 1950 when Andy "Mr. Alameda" Pagano opened the store that bears his name.

The only connection that the Pan Am Clipper has to Building 41 is the mural, seen in the background of the above picture. Despite the 1995 date on the painting, the mural was likely placed there after the Naval Air Station closed in 1997. Pan Am did have hangars for their Clippers, but they stood near Alameda Airport, which lies buried under the air station’s runways. Pan Am tore its hangars down in 1939.

On Dec. 21, 2014 the Oakland Raiders honored four students and one school principal with academic honors awards. The award recognizes local students and educators for their academic achievements and positive impacts within the community.

Pictured from left to right are students Diego De La Rosa, Malachi Francois, Eli McGowen, Seamus McGuiness and school principal John Melvin.

Rising rents and a spate of termination and eviction notices have prompted speculation about who owns the thousands of rental units that populate the Island City. So we decided to look into who owns property here, what’s changed hands over the past year and who is responsible for rent increases residents have challenged as excessive.

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