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Approval includes medical trust fund to pay for ballooning retiree costs

City Council members narrowly approved four-year contract extensions for police and firefighters on Wednesday that include a trust to help cover Alameda’s ballooning retiree medical bills.

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Vice-mayor among those forced to vacate premises

On Sunday, April 19, Vice Mayor Frank Matarrese drove to the shoreline on the west side of the Seaplane Lagoon. Within minutes of arrival he was ordered to leave the area by Alameda Point security. He was not alone. Anyone visiting the area, which is designated as a future naturalized park on planning maps, was subject to the same experience.

Early last month attorney and mediator David Perry learned that he had sixty days to vacate the apartment he’s lived in for the last seven years. The story bears just a touch of irony or as Perry put it a touch of something "cruel and sad." He’s the president of Alameda’s Rent Review Advisory Committee, which hears rent disputes between landlords and tenants.

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