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The St. Joseph Notre Dame (SJND)’s board of trustees unanimously approved the appointment of Ken Jennings as the Catholic school’s next principal. 


Non-profit seeking donors to replace stolen motor

The Alameda Community Sailing Center (ACSC) is a 501c3, nonprofit, organization, founded in 2013 by a local group of sailing enthusiasts to make sailing available to the Alameda and East Bay communities. The center provides opportunities to participate in sailing and other environmentally friendly activities through access and education. Aside from the team of sailing instructors, ACSC is an all-volunteer run organization.

“Our Grandparent’s Tales” is a contest that gives kids the opportunity to hear and re-tell the rich stories of older adults in their lives. 

Children transcribe stories told to them by a grandparent or other older adult, often complete with an original illustration. Every child who submits a story will receive a certificate to celebrate their participation. Selected stories will be re-published in a newspaper, on a website, read on the radio or at a public Grandparent’s Tales event.


Ground preparation for soil testing began at the site of the future Jean Sweeney Park Tuesday. 

According to an email from the City of Alameda Recreation and Parks Director, Amy Wooldridge, “Work is being done onsite at Sweeney Park today with a bulldozer. They are using a water truck to keep dust down. 

“They will just be clearing very specific areas in order to create the flat ground needed for soil sampling and ground penetrating radar, which is used to determine the soil types,” stated Wooldridge. 

Part one

Last Thursday, members of the Recreation and Park Commission took a tour of five current and upcoming park projects:  Jean Sweeney Open Space Park, Encinal Boat Launch Facility, the Alameda Point Sports Project, Krusi Park and Estuary Park.