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Mayor Trish Spencer and the Alameda Sister City Association (ASCA) visited Dumaguete, Philippines, from Thursday, Nov. 19 until Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 26. Dumaguete Mayor Manuel Sagarbarria invited Spencer to travel to his city to continue building the sister-city relationship that began when a Dumaguete delegation that included Sagabarria visited Alameda on June 6. (“Alameda Has New Sister City,” June 11). Interest in establishing a sister city in the Philippines began with Cynthia Bonta’s request to ASCA to consider Dumaguete as a candidate.

Nov. 16 was no ordinary Monday for Nea Community Learning Center’s junior class. Instead of their regular morning routine, they headed to Alameda City Hall, dressed to impress and ready to conduct a mock school board hearing. 

Hopes spelled out for city’s new rental ordinance

Crewmembers aboard the Alameda-based U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Bertholf offloaded more than 25 tons of cocaine valued at more than $765-million at the Port of San Diego Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal on Nov. 19. Five Coast Guard cutters and one Canadian navy vessel with a U.S. Coast Guard law enforcement team aboard seized the drugs while carrying out 26 vessel interdictions off the coast of Central and South America between July and November.

The Navy recently decided that North Housing — a vacant residential area located between Alameda Point and Alameda Landing — is safe for transfer. The approval comes after the Navy stopped a program to clean groundwater at the site to drinking-water standards. 
In 2013, the Navy turned off its air pump and carbon filter vacuum cleanup system to see if it made any difference in the concentrations or movement of contaminants. It didn’t.