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Civil rights icon Ruby Bridges will speak at the concert at Kofman Auditorium Jan. 24.

Many in the community believe that the issues surrounding fairness in education have been settled. Unfortunately, as many low-income students have experienced, universal access to educational benefits is still a goal not yet been attained.

A pair of golfers walk past one of the many huge fallen trees on the Chuck Corica Golf Complex Tuesday. The root system of the fallen tree sticks up just behind the golfer with the red hat at left.

The Chuck Corica Golf Course is still feeling the after effects of a heavy windstorm that struck Alameda last week.

Jerry Juhala and Dean Lauermam work in the CERT’s mobile disaster unit. The unit served as the command post during the search for Anthony Michael Brown

Left to right: Norma Arnerich, Mayor Marie Gilmore and Anthony "Lil" Arnerich himself celebrated "Lil Arnerich Week" earlier this year.

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Laterals are pipes that connect a building’s plumbing to a sanitary sewer line. All too often these laterals crack or develop leaks.

Cracked laterals allow rainwater and groundwater to infiltrate the sewer system. Excess water in the system can overwhelm wastewater treatment facilities. This causes untreated or partially treated sewage to be released into San Francisco Bay.

Property owners, not the city, are responsible for maintaining these laterals. Beginning today the East Bay Municipal Utilities District (EBMUD) will be making certain that property owners do just that.