Alameda News

Atlanta, Georgia-based Sila Nanotechnologies announced it will open a 31,000-square-foot headquarters on Mariner Square Loop. The company has patented a technology that makes batteries lighter, smaller and less expensive.

The City of Alameda held an official ceremony designating a half-mile stretch of Monarch Street as "Spirits Alley," Friday, Oct. 17, on Alameda Point.

Spirits Alley has been defined as the cluster of artisan distilleries and tasting rooms that have gradually formed along Monarch Street. Beginning with the opening of St. George Spirits in 2002, Spirits Alley has been a well-known visitor destination with six premium distilleries, wineries, and specialty beverage companies, including:

• Brix Beverage

• Building 43 Winery

(Steeltown Winery)

The community came together last Sunday morning In the Rathskeller at the Alameda Elks Lodge at a pancake breakfast that raised funds to help support the victims of a series of alleged arson fires across Alameda.

The city’s Social Services and Human Relations Board worked with community members to help organize the event. Participants enjoyed Jan Nichols’ guitar music as they socialized over pancakes, scrambled eggs, and sausage. The morning’s proceeds — some $6,500 — went to the American Red Cross.

Update on Suspects

One of the two suspects arrested for allegedly setting several arson fires in Alameda last month was released from jail after posting bond last Thursday, Oct. 16.

The Alameda Health System (AHS) board of directors asked Alameda County supervisors at a meeting last month if it can restructure its debt payments to the county as a result of serious financial problems the group is facing.

The conglomerate currently owes the county $198.7 million. It wants to change the debt payment to pay off some of the system’s increasing bills. The proposed restructure would delay the end date of payments by 20 years.