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Expenditures for Alameda firefighters have been a concern for many Alameda residents for years. Part of the reason for the concern is the amount paid to Alameda firefighters in overtime pay, which ballooned in 2014.

Alameda Fire Department (AFD) employees received approximately $1,160,694 in overtime pay in 2014, according to the City of Alameda 2014 Employee Earning and Benefits Report. The pay has come under scrutiny from some Alameda residents.

A martial arts demonstration on the lagoon was just one of many performances at this year’s Lunar New Year Festival. For more images from the festival, visit the new gallery at

Assemblyman files Form 700 with list of ‘gifts’ received

Assemblyman Rob Bonta recently filed his statement of economic interest, called a Form 700, as required by the California Fair Practices Commission. On March 4, the state of California released the details of this statement and those filed by other elected officials and those with possible conflicts of interest.

In 1973 the city amended its charter to prevent multiple dwelling units from being built in the city. In many cases these units replaced the Island’s Victorian-era homes. In 1991 the amendment, popularly known as "Measure A," was amended to define the maximum density as one housing unit per 2,000 square feet of land.

Over time developers have asked for so many waivers so as not to comply with "Measure A" that the City Council considered putting a moratorium on granting these exemptions. At its last meeting, however, councilmembers decided not to move forward with this idea.

The Alameda Community Band will present its Winter Concert Tuesday, March 17, featuring the "Poet and Peasant Overture" of Von Suppe, as well as special tributes to Hoagy Carmicheal and Henry Mancini. The free concert begins at 7:30 p.m. at the Veteran’s Memorial Building, 2203 Central Ave.

The local concert band comprised of more than 20 musicians will also feature Bay Area saxophonist, Bill Aron, performing the "Glazonov Saxophone Concerto."