Your Spiritual Father Knows Best — Happy Father’s Day

Your Spiritual Father Knows Best — Happy Father’s Day

Alameda in Spirit

Many modern spiritual writers are hesitant to honor the ancient anthropomorphic concepts and descriptions of God. As a result, nouns and pronouns that were once used to describe a human-like deity — he, she, mother, father — are often avoided in current spiritual literature. 

For example, mystic and Divine Science writer Emmet Fox writes in his New Thought masterpiece that the Sermon On The Mount “reluctantly agreed to refer to God as ‘He’, only because it sounded less ominous than ‘It’.” 

In another classic New Thought book The Science of Mind, Religious Science founder and author Ernest Holmes refers to the God-human relationship as “the Thing Itself.” Popular spiritual writers Eckhart Tolle and Don Nix refer to God as “Being.” 

Perhaps the most succinct explanation of the use of “father” to describe God comes from another New Thought teacher, writer, healer and Infinite Way founder Joel S. Goldsmith. 

“The aim or purpose of following the spiritual path is not to be able to name God, but to experience God, and then to let God be to us whatever It unfolds Itself as, because to each of us, God will reveal Itself in an individual way,” Goldsmith wrote in his classic God, the Substance of All Forms.  

According to Goldsmith, the highest prayer eliminates all concepts or names for God, and becomes receptive, asking ”Father, reveal Thyself.” 

This does not mean that God is father in the sense of a human father, because no one would ever dream of God as a male parent. 

“When we refer to God as Father, we naturally think of a strong power that can be relied upon, a supporting or maintaining power, or even at times a disciplinarian, said Goldsmith.

Goldsmith’s analogy of God as father and as “a strong power that can be relied upon” is analogous to the spiritual “father” we all encounter in the laws of the universe. 

Like a good, strict father, these laws are impersonal, reliable and supportive when obeyed, and very unwise to disobey. They are inexorable and unavoidable; acting in their time, not ours. 

The most important “father” laws are the laws of mind, attraction reversibility and grace.

The law of mind is the karmic law of cause and effect, which states: (as Jesus Christ said) “As thou hast believed, so be it done unto thee.” This law has tremendous power, when wielded properly — to project truth and to reap good. 

However, when the law is used selfishly or ignorantly, it can enslave you. 

The law of attraction is behind Rhonda Byrne’s bestseller, The Secret. Saint Paul put it best: “Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap.” So by projecting positive energy and feelings into the universe, you attract positive experiences. By projecting negative energy and feelings into the universe, you attract misfortune and misery. 

The law of reversibility was made famous by the writings of mystic Neville Goddard in Prayer, The Art of Believing and by Dr. Wayne Dyer in Wishes Fulfilled. This law states: (as Jesus Christ claimed) “Whatsoever things you desire, when you pray, believe that you have received them, and you shall have them.” 

“If a physical fact produces a certain feeling, then the assumption of that certain feeling can produce the physical fact,” Goddard stated in his book. He points out that the only condition required is that you believe that your prayers are already realized. 

“Your prayer must be answered if you assume the feeling that would be yours were you already in possession of your objective,” he said. The moment you accept the wish as an accomplished fact, the subconscious mind finds means for its realization. 

According to Goddard, to pray successfully you must yield to the wish, that is, feel the wish fulfilled. The perfectly disciplined person is always in tune with the wish as an accomplished fact. 

The law of grace is known as “the great karmic eraser.” St. Paul said, “If you are led by the spirit, you are not under the law” and by that he meant the law of mind, or karma.
When activated by the total surrender of your ego to spirit, the law of grace turns all other universal laws into transparencies. As the law of grace is peace, harmony and perfection now, those who consciously embrace spirit and its law of grace will express peace, harmony and perfection in their circumstances. 

Your observance of these spiritual laws will convince you that your spiritual “father” knows best. 

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