Yip Gains Outright Lead in Prez Cup

Yip Gains Outright Lead in Prez Cup

Jeanne Yip has the outright lead after round two of the Alameda Women’s Golf Club’s 67th President’s Cup June 6 on the Jack Clark Course.

Yip was tied with Tai Chewpanich for the lead after round one with matching net 68s. Yip posted a net 67 in the second round, while Chewpanich shot a net 73. Chewpanich dropped from tied for first to fourth place in the overall net tournament. Yip holds a three-shot lead over Chewpanich after two rounds of the three-round tournament.  

Angie Vaccarezza improved from fourth to second place after posting the best score of the second round with a net 66. She shot a net 72 in round one. Vivian Kang also posted a net 66 in round two and sits in third place after two rounds. Kang entered the second round tied for sixth place after shooting a net 74 in round one. 

Phoebe Yu is currently in fifth place, one stroke behind Chewpanich, after the second round. Yu shot a net 72 in round one and net 70 in round two. Tracey Perkins fell down the leaderboard to sixth place after posting a net 74 in round two. Perkins entered round two just one stroke behind Yip at net 69, but now is eight strokes behind at net 143.

Five golfers are tied for seventh place at net 145 (Barbara Mickle, Sandi Kaney, Madeline Sally, Kim Sung and Kari Vadnais).

Chewpanich still leads the first flight — handicap of 14 to 22 — with a net 141. Yu is in second place with a net 142. Perkins’ net 143 puts her in third place. Vadnais’ net 145 puts her in fourth place in the flight, while Lynn Kobatake is in fifth place with a net 147. She shot a net 68 in round two.

Yip controls the second flight — handicap of 25 to 30 — with her net 135. She is 10 strokes ahead of Mickle, Sung and Sally, all of whom posted a net 145 after two rounds of golf. Yvette Whiteside is in fifth place with a net 151 after shooting a net 72 in round two.

Vaccarezza has a commanding lead in the third flight — handicap of 32 to 36 — with het net 138. Kaney is in second place with her net 145. Jamie Totsubo-Hamono posted a net 147 for third place, while Louise Eilhardt sits in fourth place with a net 151. 

Kang lead the fifth flight — handicap of 37 to 40. Lynette Mladinich shot a net 73s in both round for a net 146 and second place in the flight. Kay Park posted net 75s in both rounds for a total of net 150 and third place in the flight. 

Twenty-nine golfers participated in the tournament. The final round will be played today on the Clark Course.