Women Golfers’ Results

Both Peggy Miller and Louise Eilhardt came away victorious in the Alameda Women’s Golf Club’s (AWGC) club tournament held last Thursday, March 13, on the Earl Fry Course.
Miller and Eilhardt each shot a net 67. Miller also tied for the lowest gross of the tournament with Stephanie Bellato. Miller and Bellato both shot an overall 85. Miller played in the first flight among golfers with a handicap of 10 to 23. Barbara Mickle shot a net 68 in the first flight, just one stroke behind Miller. Bernice Herzbeg and Madeline Sally each shot a net 74. Bellato also played in the first flight.

Eilhardt competed in the second flight among golfers who have a handicap of 24 to 30. Eilhardt had a sizeable victory in the second flight, topping her closest competitor, Shirley Lee, by six strokes. Lee shot a net 73 for second place. Diane Hughes was third in the flight with a net 74, while Margot Gibson scored a net 77 for fourth place. Nine golfers competed in the second flight.

Pam Curtis won a tough third flight — handicap of 32 to 40. Curtis shot a net 70. Ethel Lerche and Susan Logan each shot a net 72 for a share of second place in the flight.

Twenty-five golfers in all competed in the event.