Women’s Golf Club Competes in Large Invitational

Women’s Golf Club Competes in Large Invitational


Members and guests of the Alameda Women’s Golf Club took part in a massive invitational tournament last Thursday, July 26.

The invitational tournament consisted of 140 participants, 81 of those were guests. Participants were divided into teams of four. The 35 total teams were separated by five flight groups depending on their handicap scores. The tournament was played in a “Best Net 2 Ball” tournament in which each team’s two best balls on each hole counted toward the score. 

The group of Linda Ferrill and guest Cindy Caddell, Gillian Silva and Karyl Toms won the first flight — handicap of 46 to 77 — with a team net score of 127. The first place team’s score was just one net point ahead of two teams that tied for second place. The team of Val Buschor and guests Yuki Kamazaki, Evelyn Nose and Mieko Sugimoto; and the team of Dee Dee Appleton and guests Cia Miraglia, Tracey Perkins and Nancy Vaughan both shot a net 128 in the tournament. 

The team of Carole Evans and guests Stephanie Fleming, Debra Batiste and Veronica Brocklesby won a tiebreaker to win the second flight — handicap of 82 to 94 — over the squad of Denise Gasti, Margot Giobson, Ruth Ormsby and Cheryl Saxton. Both teams shot a net 127 in the flight. The group of Jenny Bae Sia Scates and guests Hanna Cha and Cindie Young posted a net 128 for third place. Holly Cromer and guests Sharon Calloway, Marta Parker and Mattie Rice teamed up to post a net 131 to finish in fourth place in the flight.

Jean Cho, Yvonne Lee, Kimmi Sung and guest Jody Ouye teamed up to win the third flight — handicap of 97 to 106 — with  a net 121. This was the lowest team net of the tournament. The first place team also had the widest margin of victory in their flight winning by 11 strokes. The team of Pam Curtis, Claire Loud and guests Edie Buna and Grace Harley came in second place with a net 132. Stephanie Bellato and guests Sabrina Emigh, Sandy Kiyomura and Virginia Wong beat the team of Rita Kae Restrepo and guest Marti Bryant, Patty Favero and Nancy Latta in a tiebreaker for third place. Both teams shot a net 134. 

Ann Ching, Mary Gong, Bonnie Kim and Sonia Kwak combined to shoot a net 122 to win the fourth flight — handicap of 106 to 116 — in the invitational tournament. They finished ahead of the team of Vivian Kang, Kay Park and guests Jennifer Kim and Janet Rhee who came in second place with a net 127. Janet Kirk, Jaime Totsubo, Mirna Wong and guest Ann Woo-Haraguchi came together to post a net 128 for third place in the flight. Donna Cooper and guests Lynn Harvey, Loretta Sargent and Cecy Silva won a tiebreaker for fourth place in the fourth flight over Shirley Lee, Ruby Soo, Alice Wong and guest Carol Chang. Both teams shot a 131.

Finally, Lynette Mladvince teamed up with guests Susan Higbee, Donna McDonald and Lynn Perata to win the fifth flight — handicap of 116 to 140 — by posting a 129. Ethal Lerche, Pat Newkirk and guests Kathy Slough and Eileen Tupper combined to finish second after posting a net 131. Angie Vaccarezza and guests Peggy Mangano, Arta Williams and Donna Stannard posted a 136 for fourth place in a tiebreaker over LeAnn Curran, Helen Ashe, Chris Czerkies,  Katie Young.