Wild Poetry Bomber Strikes in Island City

Neighbors of Franklin Park and Park Street, among other places, have noticed the sudden appearance of unattributed aphorisms this week written in chalk on the sidewalk. An unidentified poet has been hard at work executing positive messages in impeccable hand writing on the concrete in various places in the city. 

Messages include “You are so loved!” and “Smile at a stranger today. Someone needs your smile!” Most are accompanied by a small heart icon. In some cases, the message had a distinct “Back to School” flavor as pictured at right on San Antonio Avenue near Franklin School.   

The messages on Park Street at times targeted parents as in “Happy parents make happy kids.” The saying that “Your grandmothers’ prayers are still protecting you,” stood out as particularly moving to me, personally. 

Whoever left these messages took much effort to create a more positive outlook in the Island City. The low-tech text messaging has started a buzz on social media as Alamedans attempt to determine the identity of the Island City Poetry Bomber.