When the Dubs Rule, We Rule with Them — Happy Father’s Day

When the Dubs Rule, We Rule with Them — Happy Father’s Day

I’m a sports fan — my dad coached championship teams in several sports, and I know what winning can mean — having been a Mets fan for decades before moving here thoroughly acquaints me with the alternative. But I have never seen such an outrush of pure glee, the feeling of being able to breathe again and say hello to anyone on the street, or just smile, knowing that the smile back came from the same source of happiness, as I saw last Thursday here in Alameda after the Golden State Warriors beat the Boston Celtics in Boston and brought that victory back to all of us.

Every great joy produces more of the same, because once you find that groove you also discover, before returning to normal, that all kinds of other things seem to grow out of that first explosion — if you can open yourself up to the opportunity, and especially when it is so clearly there to be made the most of.

I want to give only one example, and not interrupt some still-erupting joy I can feel right now sitting at my desk. The Jacuzzi at my health club is in the men’s room and could almost be set in any bar or other situation where guys talk to other guys about guy stuff. The Warriors pushed the price of gas topic down from a long-standing #1 to #5, which also helped me breathe again, and probably one or two of the other guys in the tank.

Dubs were number one, of course. The fact that the parade will be in San Francisco instead of here was number two — put that grudge out there to be healed, somehow. Number three was the pathetic Oakland Athletics, whose billionaire owner makes Mickey Mouse look like Superman as he tries to destroy the Oakland docks and put a low-end Disney World in there that he seems to want like crazy. The last one, number four, as we pivoted neatly along, was an upcoming boxing match they all had a lot to say about. I haven’t watched boxing for a long time.

When my daughter was six, she walked in and saw me watching two heavyweights beating the hell out of each other at the end of a 15 round bout and said “Dad! What are those men doing? And why are you watching them?” which has saved me watching the unwatchable and given me a lot of joy to remember every Father’s Day.