What’s Happening on the West End?

Come hang out with Santa Claus on Webster Street this Friday at the Pacific Pinball Museum.

We’ve had a great response to our new logo and Explore West End project. Thank you for your comments and your participation. We are in the process of creating a new and exciting website and will role it out early January. Stay tuned!

There are so many ways to Explore West End. This month I’ll start with the sounds. Our West
End environment creates sounds that you don’t necessarily hear in other communities.

Walking along Haight Street you hear from Bosco the pig. I’ve been told that Bosco isn’t the
only pet pig in Alameda. And great early morning sounds of chickens from backyards in our neighborhoods.

Then of course planes, trains and automobiles. The ongoing Amtrak train horns through Jack
London Square is an awesome sound. Hearing airplanes is a constant reminder of how fortunate we are to have an airport so close to us. And automobiles, well with a 25 mph speed limit we don’t hear as much.

From the shoreline we hear “lapping” of water and the harbor seals barking near the USS Hornet. And we hear sounds of hundreds of bird calls and songs as they take flight together. As stated in the National Audubon Society specific to our shorelines, the total number of mating  bird species is more than 23 including the Canada Goose.

Then the crickets. I’m not sure where that sound is coming from, but when it’s late and very quiet it’s amazing. And finally, deep fog horns from supertankers in the Bay.

Please take a moment and enjoy our unique sounds, and let me know if I’ve missed any.

As always, it is a pleasure to market and advocate for West Alameda. 

Linda Asbury is the executive director of WABA. She can be reached at linda@westalamedabusiness.com or 523-5955.