Wet Weather Spins Out Doolittle Driver

car in water

An employee of All Ways Towing braved the waters of a mini-lagoon on Monday to hook up an automobile that had hydroplaned into the marsh off Doolittle Drive just south of Harbor Bay Parkway. 
Because it traverses the marshland between Alameda and San Leandro, this stretch of Doolittle is especially treacherous when the roads are wet. If an automobile hydroplanes chances are good that the vehicle can wind up in the soggy marsh as this car did.

Hydroplaning occurs when a tire encounters more water than it can scatter. The extra water separates the tires from the road, causing loss of traction and preventing the driver from being able to properly steer or brake.

The accident attracted the attention of the Port of Oakland because it affected the marshland on its property. A representative from the port requested that NRC Environmental Services come to the scene to determine whether any fluids had leaked into the water from the automobile.  The operation involved a pair of tow trucks and some expert maneuvering to extricate the car from the water. The driver reportedly escaped with no injuries. The automobile was much the worse for wear.