A Warning from APD’s Investigations Division

A Warning from APD’s Investigations Division

Alameda Police Department (APD) sent out an advisory to Alameda residents warning them to be aware of armed robbers.

The warning was sent out from their official Facebook page. APD said they had been made aware of an increase in armed robberies from their neighboring police agencies.

They learned there has been an uptick in robberies targeting people wearing expensive watches. A similar group has also been seen ‘casing’ jewelry stores.

APD offered tips to help keep people safe from armed robbers:
• Avoid drawing attention to expensive jewelry and possessions in public settings.
• Stay alert to your surroundings.
• Walk in groups and walk with confidence.
• For businesses, limit window displays that may be susceptible to smash-and-grab thefts. Install display cases that allow patrons to view merchandise but are shatter resistant.
• If robbed, make personal safety your top priority by remaining calm and complying with the demands. Take note of the person’s features, clothing, and/or vehicle.
• When safe, contact local authorities. Dispatchers will ask specific questions so we can respond quickly and attempt to identify the people involved. Questions include your location, if anyone was injured, if a weapon was used, the suspect’s description, direction of travel, and a description of the items that were stolen.

For assistance during an emergency, call 911 or 510-522-2423.