Volunteers Needed to Count Homeless

Volunteers Needed to Count Homeless


An effort to count the number of homeless in Alameda County will take place on Tuesday, Jan. 31, and volunteers are needed. Nearly 500 volunteers will work in teams to conduct a visual count of unsheltered individuals experiencing homelessness in every city throughout Alameda County.  

Led by EveryOne Home, the 2017 Alameda County Homeless Count, locally known as EveryOne Counts!, records the number of people staying in shelters and transitional housing on a given night and estimates the number of people who are unsheltered, living outdoors on that same night. 

This effort takes place every two years and is required to continue receiving federal funding for homeless services. It also gives the community useful data for strategic, program and policy planning.  

Volunteers will be matched with a current or former homeless guide from the community in order to conduct a visual tally of homeless persons across Alameda County. Guides will lead the team in canvassing their count areas, using their direct knowledge and life experience to collect the most accurate data possible. 

More information can be found at www.everyonehome.org. For more questions, contact Jim Franz of the City of Alameda at 747-6883.