Virus Causes Cancellations at Club Sport Level

Virus Causes Cancellations at Club Sport Level

The COVID-19 health crisis has not only affected Alameda high-school sports teams in the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF), it has also affected teams at the club sport level. 
Alameda Lacrosse Club (ALC), Alameda Youth Ultimate (AYU) disc teams, Alameda Girls Softball Association (AGSA), Alameda Soccer Club (ASC) and the Alameda Gators Swim (AGS) teams have announced postponements or cancellations of spring games. ALC boys’ high school team coach Derek Wade said his team’s season was postponed indefinitely on March 12. The CIF announced postponements of all high school competitions the same day to combat the spread of coronavirus. 

The team was just four games into their spring season before the announcement. They have since had 10 to 12 games canceled. The team, which consists of players from different Alameda high schools, is a member of the Northern California Junior Lacrosse Association (NCJLA). “The organization told us on March 12 all games would be canceled through March 19,” said Wade. “Then we got a second notice that games would be canceled through April 12.”

Even with the NCJLA’s authorization, Wade said the team could not play because the Alameda Recreation and Parks Department is not allowing teams to lease their fields to hold a match.

Several players are high school seniors and may not be able to play at the high school level again if the season is canceled. 

“I’m just disappointed for the kids, especially the seniors,” said Wade.

AYU teams are a part of the Bay Area Disc Association (BADA). They compete in tournaments and games in fall, winter and spring. BADA canceled all spring games on March 12, according to AYU middle school team manager Amy Garcia. Some tournaments are still scheduled.

“Our big beach tournament in March — Bongo on Ocean Beach in San Francisco — has been postponed to May,” wrote Garcia in an email. “Two other large tournaments are also supposed to be held in May — Spaghetti Western in Stockton and the State Championships in Fresno. But we’re very aware that they may be canceled.”

The AYU high school team, Dark Meat, spring season was also canceled, according to team manager Jack Duffey. They still have two tournaments scheduled, on May 2 and 3 in Stockton, and on May 16 and 17 in Tracy.

Garcia says players are sad but understand the significance of the pandemic. 

“The players, both middle-school and high-school, are disappointed but understand that this is the first time they, as a generation, have been asked to sacrifice for the public good,” said Garcia. 

AGSA and AGS began postponing matches on March 12. ASC was supposed to begin its season on April 4, but that has been suspended.