U.S. President Spurs Rallies on Both Sides

Courtesy Chuck Park

U.S. President Spurs Rallies on Both Sides


Two rallies for opposite purposes were held last Wednesday in Alameda. One, held in the morning, aimed to defend the U.S. President while the other, held after dark, aimed to spur efforts to impeach him.

The Alameda Sun received notice late last Tuesday that a rally would be held the following morning in defense of President Donald Trump at the Posey Tube. Often rallies are held there to gain the attention of the many commuters who leave the Island through the Posey Tube each morning. 

Local resident Chuck Park (above) organized the rally that included additional collaborators with signs. Park and his supporters are particularly interested in bringing attention to a new report from the Veterans Intelligence Professionals for Sanity that “raises big questions about last year’s Democratic National Committee hack.” 

The rally held after dark was primarily the efforts of AG Marling, a street artist who leapt at the chance to protest the president’s threatening remarks toward North Korea referencing “fire and fury.” 

Marling projected the message “Impeach Now!” and the political cartoon cover of a recent issue of the New Yorker featuring President Trump playing golf on the White House lawn onto the outside of Alameda Theater (below).

Jenn Heflin