Updates from Bike Walk Alameda

Bike Walk Alameda -- The East Bay Regional Park District is seeking public input on the McKay Draft Master Plan.

Updates from Bike Walk Alameda

All updates stated in the briefs were announced on Bike Walk Alameda’s Action Newsletter, on Sept. 8.

Active Transportation Plan
The release of the Draft Active Transportation Plan (ATP) has been delayed to later this month, with public outreach happening in October. This will update the existing Pedestrian Plan (2009) and Bicycle Master Plan (2010) — based on the recently updated General Plan and Vision Zero Action Plan. This will focus on Alameda’s concerns surrounding the climate, traffic safety, and equity by improving walking and biking over the next decade.

Bike Walk Alameda (BWA) has encouraged residents to stay engaged in the review of this plan, as it will affect many aspects of their daily lifestyles. For updated resources, timelines, and information, visit: https://bikewalkalameda.org/active-transportation-plan/.

Grand Street Improvements
In June, the City Council voted to move ahead with the proposed Grand Street improvements (“Council Votes for Grand Street Improvements, With Amendments,” June 23; https://alamedasun.com/news/council-votes-grand-street-improvements-amen...). This plan was directed to staff for further amendments and enhancements and is now up for final approval as an item in City Council’s September 20 meeting.

One of the enhancements proposed was to further upgrade protection for bicyclists for the southernmost segment, between Otis and Shore Line drives. For those interested in supporting the creation of new cycle tracks along streets, BWA encourages residents to call or write a letter of support/appreciation to Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft and councilmembers.

For updated resources or more information, visit: https://bikewalkalameda.org/advocacy-2/grand-street-improvements/.

EBRPD McKay Master Plan: Input Wanted
The East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) is seeking input on the McKay Draft Master Plan. This plan focuses on an expansion of the Robert W. Crown Memorial State Beach. This will create new structures and specified use areas for residents in phases.

BWA has offered suggestions for three areas: designing a path to allow riding directly between McKay and the Bay Trail; creation of a low-stress two-way cycle track between Central Avenue and the Bay Trail; and parking and asphalt reductions (charging for car parking, improved transit access, safe bicycle access). These suggestions are based on BWA’s concerns regarding bicyclist convenience, minimization of climate impact, and net parking reductions in the new plans.

For more information on the EBRPD’s draft master plan, visit: https://issuu.com/placeworks/docs/mckay_master_plan_draft_final_conce_36....