Updated June Primary Election Results

Nandini Sharma--Measure B will be approved as it has accumulated more than 55% of the total vote.

Updated June Primary Election Results

The Alameda County Registrar of Voters (ROV) released the fifth update of the June 7 Primary Election Wednesday, June 15. There were no major changes in the fifth election results update.

Measure B
Measure B is on track to being approved by Alameda voters. The school bond measure is now well over the 55% Yes vote threshold needed for approval. Currently, Yes votes account for 56.34% (11,408 people) of total votes, while No votes account for 43.66% (8,842 people) of total votes. When it is approved, the Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) will be authorized to issue up to $298 million in bonds for infrastructure upgrades and retrofits, by levying a property tax increase of $45 for each $100,000 of assessed value of real property value.

City educators thanked the Alameda community for approving the school bond measure.

“We are deeply grateful to the Alameda community for approving this measure,” said AUSD Board of Education President Jennifer Williams. “The state currently provides no funding for facilities for school districts, which means districts have to turn to their local communities to fund even basic repairs and upgrades, never mind constructing new buildings. AUSD students and staff deserve safe, modern, effective learning environments. Our community’s continued support enables us to do that.”

Alameda County Board of Supervisors District 3 Seat
The updated results in the Alameda County Board of Supervisors District 3 election results Rebecca Kaplan widened her lead, but she is still headed for a runoff with Lena Tam in the November election. Kaplan, the City of Oakland councilmember, now has accumulated 41% (20,105) of the vote for Wilma Chan’s former seat. Tam, the former City of Alameda vice mayor, percentage total dropped to 28.13% (13,795) of the vote. Candidates need at least 50% of the vote to win the election outright. If no one crosses that threshold the top two vote-getters will compete in a runoff in the General Election in November.

In the initial update, the ROV reported Kaplan had 39.98% of the vote, while Tam had 30.03%. Also, in the initial update, Kaplan was leading in just one City of Alameda precinct. Currently, Kaplan has the lead in seven city precincts.

David Kakishiba is in third place with 18.27% (8,956) of the vote, while Surlene G. Grant is in fourth place 12.60% (6,177) of the vote.

Alameda County District Attorney
The race for the next Alameda County District Attorney is on course for a runoff in the November Election. The top vote-getter Pamela Price widened her lead in the race, but Price is still far short of the 50% threshold needed to win the race outright. Price, a Civil Rights attorney, has 43.20% (116,907) of total votes. Terry Wiley, who currently works in the District Attorney’s office, is second with 27.14% (73,454) of votes. Those two will meet in the General Election to see who will succeed Nancy O’Malley.

In the initial update, Price had 39.81% of total votes, while Wiley had 30.85%.

The ROV reported Jimmie L. Wilson is in third place with 19.58% (52.987) of total votes, while Seth Steward is fourth with 10.07% (27,253) of votes.

Alameda County Sheriff/Coroner
Challenger Yesenia Sanchez has won the race for the Alameda County Sheriff-Coroner position over incumbent Sheriff Gregory J. Ahern. Ahern conceded after the latest results showed Sanchez was well over the 50% threshold with 52.84% (141,420) of total votes. Ahern has just 31.24% (83,599) of total votes.

"I would like to congratulate the new Sheriff-Elect on her election to become the 23rd Sheriff of Alameda County," Ahern said in a statement to all Sheriff's Office personnel. "It has been my honor and privilege to serve as your Sheriff for the past 16 years."

In the initial update, the ROV reported Sanchez had 46.8% of total votes, while Ahern had 36.4%. Ahern was elected county sheriff in 2006.

Joann Walker finished the race in third place. He currently has 15.92% (42,618) of the vote.

Alameda County Superintendent of Schools
Alysse Castro will be the new Alameda County Superintendent. Castro, the challenger, has 53.17% (130,229) of total votes, while incumbent L.K. Monroe has 46.83% (114,707) of votes.

In the initial update, Castro was trailing Monroe. The ROV reported on Wednesday, June 8, Castro had 48.29% of votes, while Monroe had 51.71%. Currently, Castro is the executive director of county schools for San Francisco Unified.

Alameda County voters heavily used the mail-in ballot option in the June 7 election. Of the 308,086 people who voted, 296,184 voted by mail, while just 11,902 voted at a polling station on Election Day.

More votes are still to be counted. The Alameda Sun will continue to update the election results. To view our previous election results update, visit https://alamedasun.com/news/initial-june-7-primary-election-results-upda....

Nandini Sharma   Rebecca Kaplan and Lena Tam are poised to compete in a runoff for the County Board of Supervisor District 3 seat in November.
Nandini Sharma   Pamela Price leads the District Attorney race, but not enough to avoid a runoff with Terry Wiley in November.
Nandini Sharma   Yesenia Sanchez will be the new Alameda County Sheriff/Coroner.
Nandini Sharma   Alysse Castro will be the new Alameda County Superintendent of Schools.