(Update) City Council Candidate Suspends Campaign

BillPai4Alameda.com -- City Council candidate Bill Pai suspended his campaign on Thursday, Sept. 1.

(Update) City Council Candidate Suspends Campaign

City Council hopeful Bill Pai announced he would be suspending his campaign after he was charged for an alleged domestic violence assault last month. Pai made the announcement Friday, Sept. 2, on his campaign website, www.billpai4alameda.com.

“To all who have expressed their support, I apologize for disappointing you,” wrote Pai, who filed to run for City Council on August 11.

According to the Alameda Police Department daily activity log, the Bay Farm Island resident was arrested at his home and charged with simple battery of a spouse/ex/date on August 24 at 6:09 p.m. Further details of the incident were not disclosed.

“I will state categorically that the charge is completely false, and that I am 100 percent confident it will be dismissed soon,” wrote the Alameda Hospital Foundation (AHF) board member. “However, when it comes to the campaign cycle the timing could not have been worse, so I am withdrawing.”

In an email to the Alameda Sun, Pai said he will not resume his campaign even if the charge against him is dropped. "It would be inconsiderate to expect my supporters to wait given the short time remaining until November," he said.

Pai ensured that all campaign contributions would be returned to his donors. "I am in the process of determining the best way to return campaign donations," Pai said. "I have canceled the major expenditures which were planned starting this month. The amount spent to date has not been significant."

Pai has been living in Alameda since 2000, according to his campaign website, www.billpai4alameda.com. Since moving to Alameda, the Chicago native joined the board of the Harbor Bay Community Isle Homeowners Association, along with the AHF. Pai said he does not plan on stepping down from either board.

Pai’s campaign website removed his bio, mission statement and donation pages. Currently, the website only has his statement about suspending his campaign. Before the changes to the website, Pai's campaign mission statement emphasized climate change, law enforcement and housing as key issues he wanted to see the city improve.

With Pai out of the running for City Council, there are now five candidates running for two council seats in the Nov. 8 election: Incumbent Tony Daysog, software engineer Paul Beusterien, housing policy fellow Hannah Groce, City of Alameda Health Care District Director Tracy Jensen and former councilmember Jim Oddie.

Editor's note: Bill Pai's announcement was originally published in another news publication. The Alameda Sun posted this original article with attribution to that publication, but was told to remove that publication's name from the article. Bill Pai has since posted his campaign suspension statement on his website, so we attributed his statement to his website.