Two Talks on Thyroid Health Coming Up

Original artwork by Colin Close &nbsp&nbsp Thyroid disorders can disrupt the production of the hormones they produce, in turn causing your metabolism to speed up or slow down.

Two Talks on Thyroid Health Coming Up

A pair of presentations regarding health of the thyroid will take place this month as part of the series of health talks at Optimized Wellness Center. The talks are free and open to the public. 

The first presentation, next Thursday, Jan. 23, at 7 p.m., “Are You Able to Express Yourself With Ease?” will explore the thyroid’s relationship to the throat chakra. People who feel shut down or shut up, closed in or too quiet may have issues related to the throat chakra and thyroid. 

The throat chakra, or energy center, governs the thyroid and the ability to speak up for oneself. Complications may result in loss of boundaries or too many boundaries, difficulty speaking up, sharing, expressing oneself and stunted creativity. 

This workshop will present herbs and foods that support one’s voice, self-expression and creativity. Learn to awaken the throat chakra, and practice speaking up with equal parts conviction and compassion.

Energetic healer and coach, Anné M. Klint will help guests understand what an under- or overactive throat chakra looks like, and how to get balanced, no matter what is going on in life. Light refreshments and lots of knowledge will be shared.

The second presentation on thyroid health has been set for Thursday, Jan. 30, at 7 p.m., and is titled “I’m tired all the time and I’m getting fat. What’s up with my thyroid?” 

People who experience: weight gain, brain fog, loss of energy, poor sleep, headaches or back pain or cold hands and feet may need help with thyroid health. The free presentation will discuss the ins and outs of thyroid dysfunction from a functional medicine perspective. 

Guests will pick up tips on keeping the thyroid healthy and what to do when it needs a little (or a lot of) support.

Admission to both presentations is free, but registration is required at 

“Functional Health and Flourishing Happiness,” the twice-monthly free talk series at Optimized Wellness Center with Dr. Tim Heath and Anné M. Klint takes place at Optimized Wellness Center, 2381 Mariner Square Dr. Ste. 170.

To learn more call 497-4424 or visit www.optimizedwellness