Try a Good Vibe Diet this Year

In January, many of us are on diets. Some diets have three phases. Phase one is grim determination. Phase two is rationalization that one little bite, sip, taste, puff, etc. won’t hurt. Phase three is complete failure.

This year, try a good-vibe diet instead. The many benefits of good vibes, or positive thinking, have been empirically proven.

A good-vibe diet can make you — and everyone around you — feel better, both physically and mentally.

The practice of a good-vibe diet involves avoiding egotistic, negative thinking. Accordingly, all good vibes that emanate from you generate and attract good vibes from everything else. Your good vibes are a gift to everybody and everything in range of your consciousness, locally and world-wide.

Bad vibes have the opposite effect. Negative people who radiate bad vibes are literally bad news because they are the primary source of it. Their negative energy can destroy families, businesses, cities, nations and civilizations. Bad vibes are a source of disease. They can negatively affect the planet and the weather, and can even cause machinery to malfunction.

(Skeptics are invited to read kinesiology researcher and expert Dr. David R. Hawkins’ Power vs. Force and The Eye of the I.)

Mystic Ernest Holmes, the founder of Science of Mind, illustrated the power of a good-vibe diet when he said: "When the time has come that nothing goes forth from you other than which you would be glad to have in return, then you will have reached your heaven."

Many spiritualists make Holmes’ good-vibe theory a way of life, and reap its heavenly benefits.

The efficacy and practice of a good-vibe diet was described by a 90-year-old, healthy, wealthy and happy spiritual metaphysician, when he wrote:

"Regarding any subject, I am only interested in what I agree with and not what I object to in it. That is especially the case with world events, as far as I am concerned. On any subject I could certainly argue my objections extensively and in fine detail, but then I had the realization that the same thing which makes me proficient and adept at arguing is the same thing that sickens me. That same thing is the human ego, and its temper-based attack mode of thinking and behaving. I deal with troubles as they arise, but otherwise I spend my energy only on what makes me healthy and happy."

Spending your energy only on what makes you healthy and happy is the toughest part of a good-vibe diet. Just as a physical diet moderates the amounts of fat and sugar that your body receives; a mental, good-vibe diet moderates the amount of egotistic, negative thinking, or bad vibes, that you dwell upon.

Eliminating bad vibes means eliminating the source of bad vibes: oblivious, egotistic, negative people — human black holes — from your consciousness. A human black hole is a person who fails to obey, either ignorantly or deliberately, the Golden Rule and other spiritual laws, then suffers the consequences.

You are not responsible for a human black hole’s condition. You are your brother’s keeper only as far as you practice the Golden Rule, and maintain good vibes. In spiritual consciousness, "your brother" is everything in existence.

You can treat human black holes with distance, detachment and forgiveness. As Jesus said: "They know not what they do"

Mystic Eckhart Tolle, in his book A New Earth, stressed the importance of maintaining your good-vibes for the harmonious well-being of everyone and everything else. He calls that state of maintenance "being in the flow of awakened doing." It is characterized by acceptance, enthusiasm and enjoyment. First of all, you fully accept the circumstances you are given.

There is no inner resistance or secret wish that you were doing something different. In other words, you are in the moment and present. Additionally, you feel a flow of enthusiasm, as if you know deep inside that this is exactly what you are supposed to do. Finally, you will feel a deep and intense joy in the doing. The doing does not feel like a burden, but as a gift.

Tolle advises that we become "frequency holders," people who diligently maintain, out of respect for our fellow humans and everything else, a high frequency of good-vibes. The cumulative effect of these high level vibrations — your good-vibe diet — can affect the world in positive, subtle ways, and will contribute to the positive transformation of humanity.

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