Tree Project Report

Tree Project Report

The ongoing partner project between the Alameda Sun and Alameda Backyard Growers, Project Tree, now in its second phase, has continued to benefit Alameda residents interested in planting trees. The first phase in 2017 offered a limited variety of fruit or shade trees gratis. Phase two offered each Alameda resident who attended a tree-care workshop a coupon with a redemption value of $25 off the price of one tree at either of the town’s local nurseries. 

Both Encinal and Ploughshares nurseries agreed to take part in the program. Coupons were issued at Alameda Backyard Growers’ two workshops on Jan. 26 and March 3. The workshops ran for one-and-a-half hours and included a presentation and materials on choosing a tree, proper tree placement, planting and general care. The workshops drew at least 25 attendees each.

Downloadable PDFs of the workshop materials are available for the community to reference at

Topics include: choosing a fruit tree for an Alameda yard; fruit tree care; plants resistant or susceptible to oak root fungus; trees that do well in Alameda; tips for planting a tree and the tree owner’s manual.

The reverse of the coupon laid out the restrictions and limitations. The value of coupons redeemed was an estimated $825; 45 recipients redeemed their coupons. Both nurseries have been fully recompensed.


To contribute to, or for more information on the Alameda Sun’s tree-planting project administered by the Alameda Backyard Growers, write to