Toward a More Equitable Society

Soon after this paper was founded, Nightline, a daily television news program hosted by Ted Koppel opened the phone lines to the nation one spring night in 2003 and asked the question, “What is the most racist city in America?” One caller offered: “Alameda, California.”

Much of the Alameda Sun staff was new to town and shocked into awareness. We organized a public forum with help from College of Alameda and the Alameda Multicultural Community Center. Since that day, we have tried to make our publication a fair voice for every Alamedan to the extent of reversing that moniker. Our hope is, given what we have seen in recent days, that somewhere else now holds that title, but Alameda still has a long way to go. 

We had to learn by making some embarrassing mistakes but our aim was always to admit errors and move forward inclusively. We never forgot that day in 2003. 

In the pattern we set soon after the Sun’s birth, we are looking to host a forum for all Alamedans to express their viewpoints on police and race soon.