Tour Visits Hot Spots

Dennis Evanosky  Members of the City Council and the community look on as an operator demonstrates the boat hoist at Alameda Marina last Friday. The fate of this hoist has concerned the boating community. Pacific Shop, Inc., the company that owns the marina, has assured boaters that it has no plans to remove the hoist.

Tour Visits Hot Spots

Part one
Members of the City Council and interested community members braved strong winds and torrential downpours to get a first-hand look at what the future holds for the city’s northern waterfront. The caravan-style tour wended its way to Alameda Marina, Encinal Terminal, Alameda Landing and North Housing at Estuary Park.  

At each stop city staff gave updates on development plans. The briefings also included comments by the developer. The packet provided by the city for the tour also included written descriptions of the projects that the developers provided. Island Yacht Club offered those in attendance a comfortable, dry indoor meeting space at Alameda Marina. 

During the Alameda Marina stop on the tour, a boat owner brought up the contentious issue of the possibility that development might spell the end of the marina’s boat hoist. The developer not only assured those in attendance that the boat hoist would stay, but invited everyone to witness the hoist in action.   

Visits to Encinal Terminal and Alameda Landing offered the public a first-hand look at what the developers hoped to achieve. The city’s planning director Andrew Thomas pointed out that the city is relying on the 234 homes planned for Encinal Landing to fulfill a share of the city’s 1,725-unit obligation to fulfill the city’s regional housing needs allocation set by the state. 


In upcoming weeks the Alameda Sun will take a detailed look at each of these projects, including Alameda Landing and North Housing at Alameda Point.