Today is Bike to Work Day

Today is Bike to Work Day


May is bicycle month throughout California, and here in Alameda Bike to Work Day is the main celebration. Today is Bike to Work Day with hundreds of commuters turning to two-wheeled transportation. For those riding on their first Bike to Work Day, here are some tips to help prepare.

Plan in advance: Practice riding shorter distances to get comfortable riding a bike. Pre-rides are also a great way to assess if a bike or equipment needs a tune-up.

Plan your route: Use a route finder or pick up a copy of Bike Walk Alameda’s Bike and Walking map to find the most bike friendly streets. Be sure to plan a route that goes by an Energizer Station. If including transit in a commute, learn the policies about bikes on transit.

Bike parking: Consider where to park a bike at work. Be sure to bring a lock and know how to use it effectively.

Find a bike buddy: Experienced riders can be a great resource. Ask a bike buddy to share his or her favorite routes, bike gear and advice or to come along on Bike to Work Day.

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