Time to Take the High Road, Mr. President

Time to Take the High Road, Mr. President

To all you Donald Trump supporters: I understand the disappointment that your candidate lost. I understand you may question the results of the election. I understand you may have reservations about Biden and Harris. I understand you believe Trump was not given the clear runway in 2016 you think he deserved. I understand you think the left is a threat to you.

I am not going to try to convince anyone that the above is right or wrong. What matters is that Joe Biden is most likely going to be installed as the President of the United States.

The current President is refusing to do what every prior President has done, making sure that the next President has the information and support needed for a seamless transition.

This is extremely dangerous and inappropriate on so many levels. We have a Pandemic which is peaking and will be a critical challenge for the next Presidential Term. We have economic challenges worse than any time since the Great Depression.

We have a nation more divided than any time since the Civil War. We have international issues which require a President to have full knowledge and understanding to minimize the risks that he is blind-sided during the next term.

We must have certainty that the President who takes office on Jan. 20, 2021 has the access, information and support to tend to these dire circumstances. Trump is free to pursue all legal avenues to challenge the election, he also should be bigger than this. He should be putting our welfare ahead of his emotional reactions to this election. He is putting the welfare of this country and each of us at risk by not doing his job of cooperating with a proper transition while he pursues his rights.

* Rather than dismissing the virus
* Rather than watching folks struggle while not getting the injection of funds they need
* Rather than taking radical steps of removing troops from key locations against the bi-partisan warnings of the grim consequences
* Rather than taking a wrecking ball to our institutions and randomly firing people
* Rather than waging a pay-back tour for his perceived opponents
* Rather than sabotaging the next administration, it is time for this President to take the high road and put the interests of this country ahead of his childish antics.

We are at one of the most precarious states we have ever seen in our 244-year history...and we have a petulant leader who has shown that he cares not for anything other than his own fragile ego.

For those who wonder why people post messages like these are scared and angry. We are facing crisis stages with the pandemic, the economy, in various international matters and in the division in this country.

We see a President who since the election has embodied everything that is wrong with who he has been as a President the past 4 years — and no sign of changing as our country becomes more and more exposed to the dangers surrounding us.

It is time to rally around the country, not a man who cares not for this country other than what he can get from it. This is not about winning and losing an election. This is not about red and blue. This is not about left and right. This is about the welfare of this country. country first.

Allow me to tweak a common typing exercise: “Now is the time for all good Americans to come to the aid of their country”— even if it means setting aside a loyalty to a particular person or party.

What we are facing is confronting all of us, not pro or con Trump people. We can fight on the deck of the Titanic, or we can pull together and chart a course which avoids icebergs and navigate it to smoother waters and better times. It will take all of us and here is to a hope and a prayer that everyone rolls up their sleeves and pulls together.