Time to Shape Main St. Plan

City of Alameda  Main Street Neighborhood, a plan for Alameda Point, is slated to come before the Planning Board Monday.

Time to Shape Main St. Plan


If all goes as planned the 108-acre Main Street Neighborhood on the northeastern edge of Alameda Point will serve the community as a mixed-use area, primarily made up of homes. 

The neighborhood takes its name from “Main Street,” which acts as its northern and eastern boundaries. The street predates the now-shuttered Naval Air Station by at least 50 years. It bears the name of Charles Main, an early property owner on the West End.  Main and his partner in a prosperous San Francisco leather and saddlery business, Eliza Winchester, owned the “Main Winchester Tract” in the vicinity. Main Street in San Francisco is also named for Charles Main. 

Main Street first appeared on “The New Map of Woodstock” in 1878. Woodstock was the name of a town on the far West End. (That name survives in Woodstock Park and Woodstock Homes.)

A trio of nonprofit service organizations — Operation Dignity, Building Futures with Women and Children and Alameda Point Collaborative — banded together some 10 years ago as “The Collaboration Partners.” The partnerships aims to repurpose residential buildings at the site that the Navy used to house senior enlisted personnel and its post exchange. 

According to a staff report Collaborating Partners has been working closely with the city to come up with a plan that consolidates 34 acres with 200 units that the partners currently lease to a smaller footprint of approximately 10 acres south of Midway Avenue and east of Orion Street. This solution would allow the partners to own their own property and build new facilities designed specifically for their needs. 

The city finds the location ideal for affordable housing “due to its proximity to existing parks and public transit.” A network of connecting greenways would lace the neighborhood and connect its urban agriculture sites, Ploughshares Nursery and “The Farm at APC.” The Central Gardens would serve to unify the Main Street Neighborhood and provide a main gathering and event space. Bicycle and pedestrian paths would connect Central Gardens to the rest of the neighborhood.

Main Street Neighborhood comes before the Planning Board at its Monday, Oct. 24, meeting. The board meets at 7 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at City Hall, 2623 Santa Clara Ave.