Thank You for Opening East Bay Parks

Thank You for Opening East Bay Parks

The Alameda Sun received a copy of a letter sent to East Bay Regional Parks District (EBPRD).

EBRPD Board of Directors:
I have received your Activity Guide, Issue July-August 2020. I am so glad that you will be reopening. I have missed the parks these last four-and-a-half months. It seems like we just had an election, then we were not allowed out of the house.

The picture you published on this season’s Activity Guide says it all. We all thank you for your work in preparing the parks for our return. As we can see from the activities of your men and women on the cover, it must have been an enormous job to prepare all that acreage and to make it safe. I commend all of you!

It never occurred to me that you would have to sanitize every park to the extent that you have, but I finally got a clue when I saw your personnel in their Hazmat suits, complete with face masks, making their way up that hill. That is a great shot! I hope that all will join me in singing your praises.

Up until this year, I must admit that I never contemplated that our parks could be a danger to us, that the parks could kill us all. I should have known that disease organisms could infect a park, as well as a barista, or a supermarket checkout person, or a mailman or a police officer, or a doctor or a nurse, or an actor, or an actress, or a professional basketball player, or a politician, or a news anchor, or even a political protestor. I do know now! Sanitizing our entire Park system must have been whale of a job!

I just hope that, now that you have sanitized the Parks and made them safe, so we no longer need fear this virus, that you will be able to sanitize all of our Parks every year on a rotating basis. If this is expensive, so be it.
Our Parks must be kept safe from every disease, be it COVID19, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Hanta Virus, H1N1, Lime Disease, Bubonic Plague, SARS1, SARS4, Anthrax, Ebola or any other disease that infects animals, birds, predators, mosquitoes, ticks, spiders, snakes, chipmunks, or any other disease vector in the Parks. I have confidence in the District, that it can do the work.

Now that schools have been shut down, and we have been informed that they will not reopen, the District should consider training our school-age children in the disease eradication effort.  Learning about the diseases of plants and wildlife would be an excellent “hands-on” education for these youngsters.

Without an education, few of these children will ever be able to get or hold on to a steady job. Disease eradication is all they will ever know. These children must be brought into the “new world” of COVID19. COVID is their future. As Stewart Brand used to say, “We might as well get good at it!”

Please keep us informed of your disease eradication efforts. If the parks can kill off all COVID-19 in their jurisdiction, the rest of us can do the same in ours.

I live in Alameda, and we could perhaps use some of your trained sanitation personnel in our own city parks, which, to my knowledge, are still infected. Our parks are under restriction and could certainly use professional help.  I will keep you posted about this when I learn more.

Thank you again, for a really professional job!