Teacher Suspects Removal for Protest

Courtesy photo    Substitute teacher in Alameda schools, Ashley Jones stood outside of Alameda High School with a sign after learning he’d been let go last week. Jones suspects he was removed for political reasons.

The Alameda Sun received a copy of this letter addressed to students at Alameda High School (AHS), Island High School and Alameda Science & Technology Institute. 

Dear students:
I write this letter to you as a way of saying “thanks” for welcoming me into your hearts and “good bye” because I will be with you no longer as a substitute teacher. 

I have been removed from the substitute list by the AHS principal. The reasons given are so inconsequential that I have forgotten them. 

The real reason is because on Wednesday, March 14, after the 17 minutes of silence for the kids killed down in Florida, I joined the group of students who marched down to Washington Park to participate in a demonstration of support for those killed and against violence and guns. 

The students at AHS were told that if they walked out of school they would “get in trouble.” I did not subsitute on that Wednesday because I knew I wanted to join the march and demonstration by those students who wanted to be seen and heard. 

I don’t know what kind of punishment the students were given, but I do know that I have been banished. Permanently. 

This kind of unreasoned authority on the part of school administrators, parents and others in positions of power is part of the reason some people go “crazy.” 

I am not going crazy. I am not even angry. I am sad. Sad for myself and sad for our young people who face this kind of unreasoned authority in their daily lives. 
Sad, sad, sad.