Sun Takes Part in Action to Help Prevent Disease Spread

Sun Takes Part in Action to Help Prevent Disease Spread

After 19 years of business the Alameda Sun has reached a crossroads in history. The Sun cannot, in good conscience, continue to deliver unsolicited copies of the newspaper, given the current pandemic. Starting March 26, the Sun will no longer circulate free copies door-to-door in Alameda. Keep in mind of all of our content is still fully accessible for free at 

  • Subscribers will receive a print copy.
  • Advertisers will receive a print copy.
  • Key drop locations: grocery stores, pharmacies, Alameda Sun World Headquarters (self-service rack), others TBD will receive multiple print copies.

Who won’t receive a copy of the paper? Alameda residences who have not subscribed.

On April 15, the Sun will evaluate the state of affairs and decide on a potential new course of action. 

We want to keep you in the loop! Please subscribe today for just $25 per year. Subscribe online at, or send checks made out to Alameda Sun to 3215J Encinal Ave. Alameda, CA 94501. If paying $25 per year poses a financial hardship, please contact the Sun at 510-263-1470.

Advertisers, if you are concerned about the reduced circulation, please call 510-263-1824.

Subscribers, if you do not wish to receive a print copy of the newspaper at this time, please call 510-263-1471. 

Please note: The Sun office will be closed to the public at this time. Please use the drop box outside our door, U.S. mail, email or phone to contact Sun staff. Many of the Sun’s services can be accessed via as well. 

Thank you for your understanding, Alameda. Now go wash your hands.