Sun Shines at Women’s World Cup

Sun Shines at Women’s World Cup

The 2004 ASC Islanders honed their soccer skills last June during a once-in-a-lifetime, 10-day soccer tour of France and England. This truly unique soccer experience combined professional training sessions run by highly acclaimed French and English coaches, skills testing against local teams and cheering on their Women Soccer heroes at two Women’s Soccer World Cup matches — USA vs. Chile and Argentina vs. Scotland.  

The team returned to Alameda and put those skills to good use, as the first Alameda Soccer Club Competitive team to play in the State-Premier Division. In August, they also won the Santa Cruz Breakers Academy Fall Cup Tournament. Go Islanders!

First row, left to right: Hannah Yadrick, Ava McCracken, Ava Banbury, Angelina St. Denis, Hailey Pallister, Kristie An, Graciella Basco, Fionnuala Schefers, Octavia Braun, Marianas Fernandez and Jairo Fernandez. Second row, left to right: Avery Sims, Riley Sims, Mary Thomas Powell, Coach Adam Butler, Nick Howitt (Challenger Tour Guide), Assistant Coach Garry Pallister, Alyssa Yadrick and Marissa Lekashman.

The team graciously thanks all the patrons who supported their fundraising activities and team sponsors: Dr. Barbara Galera, D.D.S., The O’Boyle family, San Leandro Smiles & Orthodontics, Soccer Post,  Stiches by Baker, Johnson and Jollly D.D.S., Team Snap, Alameda Theatre & Cineplex, LexTax, Bay Area Spine Care Offie, Lola’s Chicken Shack, Fast Functional Feet and Alameda Soccer Club.

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