Subscriber Appreciation Continues

Subscriber Appreciation Continues


I just can’t quite resist continuing to print thank yous to our treasured subscribers and supporters this week. The outpouring of renewals and new subscriptions along with generous contributions to the Alameda Sun has now topped $8,000. 

The other day we received a three-year subscription renewal from Carolyn Queener, a four-year subscription from Elizabeth McGaffey and a five-year subscription from my dear friend, founder of the Marketplace and Alameda Natural Grocery, and president of the Downtown Alameda Business Association, Donna Layburn. We also received a kind donation in addition to a subscription from Leon & Joan Buckner, Beverly Blatt & David Filipek, and James & Virginia Ostergren. Thanks so much for the wonderful support! 

I also need to thank new and longtime, renewing subscribers: Doralyn Poirier, Ardith Betts, Laura Wolz & Asa Romberger, Mary Irene Scott & Charles Scott Jr., Galiana & Emmanuel Williams, Kimberly Kay, Beverly Blatt & David Filipek, and T.E. Blackstone, Carol Smith & Robert Goolsby for their support. We appreciate each and every one of you. 

In addition to their checks of support, the subscribers sent the following letters. 

You have kindly been sending free copies of the Alameda Sun to The Willows condominiums for almost as long as I’ve lived here. I’m a devoted regular and really depend on getting the paper every Thursday. So it’s definitely time to pay up. 

I’m covering the last four years with this check for 2014 through 2017. No need for any special delivery; I’m happy to get my paper off the pile in the lobby.

Alameda Sun is a wonderful source of local news. Where were those fire engines going? Who won the basketball tournament? What’s going on in town? I would never be in the loop if I didn’t read the Sun front to back every week.

Thanks so much for your dedication to this amazing “small town in the Bay Area” and especially for your articles on local history. Not having been born here, I have a lot to catch up on.
— Elizabeth McGaffey

When I was the emcee of the Webster Street Jams and the Concerts at the Cove, I always made a point of announcing that “the newspaper of Alameda is the Alameda Sun.” It was true then, it’s even more true now. 

Keep up the good work and thanks for featuring me (twice!) in the Sun Shines Everywhere.
— Will Golden

Alameda Sun:
Thanks for keeping us advised of the shenanigans: in City Hall, with Tim Lewis and with seeing that certain people get elected to the City Council.
— The Buckner & Russ families