Stunning Service from City Hall

Eric J. Kos  You have to look closely to see my name, but that’s my passport for my trip to Italy, already in hand, thanks to service I received from the City of Alameda.

Stunning Service from City Hall


For those who may have missed my earlier story, (“Residents May Apply for Passports at City Hall,” Dec. 22) I reported on the city’s new passport application and renewal service via the City Clerk’s Office.

I mentioned how Assistant City Clerk Irma Glidden had come up with the idea and put  into practice to have an alternative to the post office for the public to receive passport services. City staff graciously helped me and the mayor caught me in the act. 
That was on Dec. 19. 

I’m not sure if our city officials had some kind of impact on the speed of my application, but fast foward 15 days, and my passport has already arrived, in a Priority Mail envelope sent from a government office in San Francisco. 

Here I was thinking my paperwork and payment had to be triple-validated as they trekked back and forth across our great nation to check in at each bureau and receive four or five government officials’ hand stamps (with a brief interlude lost in a giant underground warehouse) before being returned to me.   

Not so, good Alamedans. City Hall is providing excellent service in this regard, and the U.S. State Department has enough respect for our fine municipality that they promptly respond to requests for passport services sent from our City Clerk’s Office staff.

Have no fear, fellow residents, give that passport application at City Hall a try and see if you, too, can get the 15-day turnaround I received.