Students Host Online Cabaretabout

Encinal High School Above: Addie Griffin and Zoey Ericson perform during Encinal High School’s online cabaret; below right: Culyer Shannon plays the guitar and sings to his online audience. All three are members of the school’s drama club.
Encinal High School

Students Host Online Cabaretabout

Gia Ledesma

As classrooms slowly opened up and sports teams returned to play, there was still one aspect of student life that eagerly awaited a return: theater. Not to be left out, Encinal High School’s Drama Club hosted an online cabaret.

“Because of COVID we have been unable to produce a spring musical for the past two years,” senior Zoey Ericson, President of the Drama Club, said.

“But we still wanted to celebrate our members’ talents and showcase some of their performances that have been happening from our very own homes.”

The cabaret opened with a musical performance of “End of the Line” from Theory of Relativity, performed by seniors Addie Griffith and Zoey Ericson .

The short but exciting show consisted of seven acts, which ranged from singing, the playing of instruments, and a dance performance.

“It was a lot of fun because some of these people we had never met before in real life,” Griffith said. “We hadn’t seen their capacities as performers.”

Ericson and Griffith talked about having the cabaret early in the year, and wanted it to replace the spring play. However, getting the word out to students who wanted to perform was a challenge. Eventually, acts were secured and students were given a month to practice and record. Senior Chico Ng edited the final video.

“I’m very pleased with the result,” said Griffith. “Everyone worked super hard and it was great to see our members perform.”

The cabaret is posted on Youtube and can be watched by visiting the Drama Club’s Instagram page: @encinaldrama.

Gia Ledesma is a student journalist at Encinal High School.