Students Earn 2017 Citizenship Awards

Courtesy Photo Chapter Delta Zeta of Delta Kappa Gamma awarded 31 Alameda students with plaques for outstanding citizenship at Paden Elementary School last month.


The teacher society, Chapter Delta Zeta of Delta Kappa Gamma, held its 26th annual citizenship award night on April 19 at Paden School. The inspiring occasion saw 31 fifth- and eighth-grade students from Alameda schools honored for outstanding citizenship. Each student received an engraved plaque with his or her name on it and a $10 gift certificate to Tuckers Ice Cream.

The auditorium was overflowed with students, teachers, families, principals and the superintendent in attendance. The evening was filled with pride, joy, and heartwarming stories.

The chapter aims to bring the community together to affirm the values the country needs most: selflessness, compassion for peers and the refusal to let anyone fall behind.

“These young students have the capacity to contribute positively to our future, and they deserve our support,” said former Alameda teacher and society member Jan Ortner. “We hope programs such as this will spread and continue to lift their hearts.”