Student Board Members Selected

AUSD -- Evan Lu (ASTI)

Student Board Members Selected

The Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) welcomed three new student board members to the AUSD Board of Education this summer. Talia Kotovsky, an Alameda High School (AHS) student; Vinny Camarillo, an Encinal High School (EHS) student; and Evan Lu, an Alameda Science & Technology Institute (ASTI) student; were sworn in at the AUSD Board’s August 23 meeting.

The students took part in a Q&A to discuss why they joined the board and what they wish to accomplish during their tenure.

“I really wanted to get more involved in the inner workings of school,” said Kotovsky in an article on AUSD's website.

Camarillo added, “The student board member position was a chance to help me understand how the district and the governing board (the Board of Education) work together to allow our different schools to thrive equally and equitably.”

The duties of the student board members include: providing continuing input for Board deliberations; strengthening communications between the Board and district students; and representing all students and facilitating the discussion of all sides of issues.

“During my time as a student board member, one thing I hope to accomplish is to give ASTI a little bit more spotlight," said Lu. “[Also], I’m looking forward to advocating for any environmentally friendly policies or improvements to students’ school lives.”

Camarillo added that during his tenure on the board he wished to "either partially or entirely eliminate single use plastics at our schools, and possibly being able to use more sustainable products."

Along with her duties on the board, Kotovsky is part of the AHS environmental committee and also intern at the School Based Health Center and is on their Youth Advisory Board. Camarillo is a member of the EHS student council, co-president of his school's Filipino Club, and vice president of the EHS National Honor Society. Lastly, Lu is senior editor of the ASTI Yearbook committee, co-president of his school's Debate Club, a member of the ASTI Leadership team.

Student board members may cast preferential votes prior to the official Board vote. An Island High School representative will join the Board later this fall.

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