Street Repair & Resurfacing Project Commences


The City of Alameda’s annual street repair and resurfacing project has begun and is estimated to be completed by late December. Work hours are Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Repairs will take place in several phases, and not all on the same day. 

Curb and gutter will be removed and replaced in a few places, then areas of poor pavement will be patched and the edges of the street ground down. Then cracks will be filled, the street paved and any traffic markings replaced. During construction, motorists will experience minor disruptions in traffic, temporary loss of parking spaces, temporary restricted street access, as well as an increase in noise and dust levels. Bus stop access will be maintained throughout the project.  

One type of repair, asphalt concrete overlay, is a mixture of asphalt cement (tar), gravel and sand that is spread with a paving machine and compacted with rollers. The city is scheduled to overlay five miles of streets (over 16 total streets) throughout the city. See chart below for impacted blocks. 

Workers will also be executing asphalt concrete repairs that focus on specific areas. Blanding Avenue from Oak Street to Broadway will undergo these repairs in the center of street to cover the former Beltline Railroad tracks. Clinton Avenue from Paru Street to Lafayette Street will have its center lane repaired. Paru Street from Clinton Avenue to its south end will receive repairs to its center lane as well. Sherman Street from Central Avenue to Santa Clara Avenue will have repairs done to the parking lanes on both sides of street.

The contractor will make best efforts to maintain one lane of traffic available in each direction. However, site conditions may require that only one lane be available for both directions. In this case, flag persons will be used to control traffic and delays will occur.  It is possible that on-street parking will be removed for up to one week during construction hours. 

The contractor will post no parking signs 72 hours in advance of the planned work to advise residents on dates when the work will begin and when parking restrictions will become effective.

Questions or information about this project should be directed to Trung Nguyen at 747-7900. The project is primarily funded by Alameda County Measure’s B and BB, Vehicle Registration Fund, and SB 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017.