Street Repair Project Underway Now

Street Repair Project Underway Now


The city has begun street repair and resurfacing this month, improving seven miles of 47 streets. Work is estimated to be completed by late September. The work will be completed Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. During those times, drivers will temporarily experience traffic disruptions, loss of parking spaces, restricted street access, as well as increased noise and dust levels. Bus stop access will be unchanged.

Asphalt Concrete Overlay
Two types of repair work are planned: asphalt concrete overlay and slurry seal. Asphalt concrete overlay is a mixture of asphalt cement (tar), gravel and sand that is spread with a paving machine and compacted with rollers. 

Workers will make efforts to maintain one lane of traffic in each direction. Site conditions may require that only one lane be available for both directions. In this case, flag persons will be used to control traffic and delays will occur. 

It is possible that on-street parking will be removed for up to one week during construction hours. Consult the table at right for streets identified for asphalt concrete overlay work.

Slurry Seal Treatment
Spraying streets with slurry sealant provides a thin coating of asphalt cement and sand used to prolong a street’s useful life. When performing a slurry seal, work crews will need to close the street to all traffic until the seal hardens. This includes access to all driveways. This process can take up to six hours, depending on the temperature. Two streets have been indentified for slurry seal treatment: Portola Avenue from Eighth Street to its east end and Willow Street from Buena Vista Avenue to Central Avenue.

“No Parking” signs will be posted 72 hours in advance of the planned work to advise residents of parking restrictions.

Questions or information about the project should be directed to Laurie Kozisek at 747-7900. Funding for the project comes from Alameda County Measure’s B and BB and the Vehicle Registration Fund, Measure F.

Streets Affected by Asphalt Concrete Overlay Street Repairs
STREET              FROM                   TO
Adams Street       Peach Street          Fernside Boulevard
Adelphian Way     Mecartney Road     Creedon Circle
Anderson Road     Ross Road            Lawrence Road
Anderson Road     Lawrence Road      Moore Court
Arlington Isle        Otis Drive              North end
Aughinbaugh Way Sea View Parkway Robert Davey Jr. Drive
Balboa Court         Bayview Drive       North end
Bay Street            Central Avenue      South end
Bayview Drive       Broadway              Otis Drive
Camden Road       Franciscan Way     Yorkshire Place
Eagle Avenue       Broadway              Pearl Street
Evans Court          South end cul-de-sac    Anderson Road
Fitchburg Avenue   Beach Road          West end
Franciscan Way     Kitty Hawk Road    Willow Street
Greenbrier Road     Franciscan Way     Kitty Hawk Place
Kitty Hawk Place    Kitty Hawk Road    Greenbrier Road
Kitty Hawk Road    Shore Line Drive     Kitty Hawk Place
Laguna Vista         Bayview (East)       Bayview (West)
Larchmont Isle      Otis Drive               North end
Lawrence Road     Anderson Road       Sharon Road 
Lawrence Road     Sharon Road          Ross Road
Lincoln Avenue     Webster Street       Eighth Street
Marina Village Parkway    First Driveway    Mariner Square Drive
Melrose Avenue    Beach Road           Maitland Drive
Moore Court         South end cul-de-sac    Anderson Road
Mozart Street       Lincoln Avenue       Santa Clara Avenue
Ninth Street         North end                Buena Vista Avenue
Ninth Street         Central Avenue       South end
Pacific Avenue    Marshall Way          Fifth Street
Rock Isle            Otis Drive               North end
Ross Road          Anderson Road       Lawrence Road
San Antonio Avenue    Morton Street    West end
Sand Hook Isle    Otis Drive            North end
Sandcreek Way   Otis Drive            Willow Street
Seminary Avenue    Beach Road     East end
Sharon Road         Mecartney Road    Lawrence Road
Street Charles Street    Central Avenue    South end
Sweet Road         Sweet Way         Salmon Road
Sweet Way          Adelphian Way     Sweet Road
Tarryton Isle        Otis Drive            North end
Verdi Street         Lincoln Avenue    Santa Clara Avenue
Waterfall Isle       Otis Drive            North end
Whitehall Place    Whitehall Road    Willow Street
Whitehall Road     Franciscan Way   Whitehall Place
Windemere Isle    Otis Drive            North end
Yorkshire Place    Yorkshire Road    Camden Road
Yorkshire Road    Franciscan Way    Yorkshire Place

Streets Affected by Slurry Seal Treatment Street Repairs
Portola Avenue    Eighth Street        East end
Willow Street       Buena Vista Avenue     Central Avenue