Straws Upon Request in the New Year

Straws Upon Request in the New Year


Starting Jan. 1, the City of Alameda will be one of the only cities in California where drinking straws will only be available upon request. Additionally, all disposable to-go food ware in the City must be reusable, compostable or in a few specific cases, recyclable. These changes were formally passed on Oct. 3, 2017, and the 2008 ordinance was renamed the Alameda Disposable Food Ware Service Reduction Law. 

Food vendors will only be able to provide straws upon customer request, and when requested, the straws provided must be compostable paper straws. In addition, any vendor providing to-go food ware must use compostable-fiber products. 

The new requirements will be enforced beginning July 1. There will be significant public outreach and education to both businesses and consumers by city staff, the Clean Water Fund and Community Action for Sustainable Alameda (CASA). 

Outreach will be conducted for 18 months that will emphasize the financial and environmental benefits of choosing reusable options instead of single-use, disposable plastics. 

For questions or more information about this new policy, contact Kerry Parker, Program Specialist, Public Works at 747-7959.